Monday, April 27, 2009

Esquire round the World

Ever since the drop from Ranger school life has been put into a weird flux. The LTO (the office that runs infantry LTs in between schools) decided to come up with anything and everything to keep us busy for a month. I was tasked with following a basic training XO (executive officer) at Sand Hill. Fortunately, I was able to develop my own training plan in order to prepare for Ranger school.

Today I started Air Assault School (AAS). AAS is a twelve day long course that is designed to teach students how to prepare sling-loads and rappel from a hovering helicopter. The school is very detail and physical fitness oriented. I am looking forward to the challenge as the current break from real Army training has taken a toll on my motivation.

I was really surprised this weekend however when I found that my response to an article in Esquire magazine was actually printed on the May 09 edition! Esquire decided to write an article about the top 59 breakfast restaurants in the country. Having been to Atlanta several times, I have found the best breakfast joint around happens to be Ria's Bluebird, a phenomenal organic restaurant that is the best way to start your morning. When I read in Esquires march magazine that Ria's was in the top 59, I wrote a response to Esquire in agreement with their assessment of American Breakfast restaurants. If you get a chance, peruse page 14 of this months magazine and check out my brief run in with the world media.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In preperation for our original Ranger date I recieved the honors of shaving off my roommates hair. This Mike Thompson, roommate, who is about to recieve the cheapest haircut of his life.

I was fortunate enough to go to two of my classmates Ranger Graduation this past Friday. Before the ceremony, there is a 1 hour demonstration called "Rangers In Action" where everything that Rangers conduct in operations is demonstrated to the crowd. Here are four Rangers on a SPIES/FRIES quick extraction system. No theme park in the world can top this ride!
NCSU Wolfpack ROTC Alums from the left: Adam Chappell, Myself, Lamar Cantelou. I couldn't be more proud of what these guys have accomplished. I can't wait to join them.